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Salut ! I'm Alex

My love for the silver screen started at a young age back in Romania. I was fascinated by the transportive power of movies and the way they allowed me to explore new worlds and experiences. As a child, I would watch American and European films, getting lost in the sights and sounds of places far from home. I was drawn to sci-fi epics like Star Wars, fantasy adventures like Lord of the Rings, and dramatic period pieces. I was amazed by the entire filmmaking process - the scripts, cinematography, editing, and performances all came together to create a form of modern magic

Beyond just watching films, I am fascinated by the entire creative process. I love reading in-depth articles about how films get made - from script to screen. The logistics of production design, casting, cinematography, and editing are areas of film making that I'm highly passionate about. Being a number's person, I have a keen interest in the business side - distribution, marketing and box office. I follow industry blogs and listen to podcasts to stay current on industry trends. 

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Greetings, fellow cinephiles!

I am Basil, a 27-year-old from the United Kingdom, and my life has been a magnificent blend of hospitality, cinematic marvels, and an insatiable thirst for exploration. From a young age, I found myself perpetually enchanted by the art of storytelling through film and television. I can vividly recall the excitement that welled up within me as I awaited trips to the local cinema when I was a child. Those early experiences cultivated in me a love for film and television that has only grown stronger with time. I came to understand that cinema is not merely a medium of entertainment; it is a mirror reflecting the human experience, a window into the depths of our collective psyche.

For most of my years, I have been immersed in the world of hospitality and catering where I've learned that there's an art to crafting moments of magic. And it's this art of enchantment that I bring to my exploration of film, where each frame, each character, each note of the soundtrack is meticulously composed to evoke emotions, inspire thought, and transport us to different dimensions. While every aspect of cinema captivates me, one element has a profound impact on my cinematic experience: the music. The art of cinematic soundtracks, the melodies that accompany and elevate the visual narrative, is a source of endless fascination for me.

I have a particular fondness for  gritty realism, grounded thrillers, intelligent sci-fi and epic historical dramas.

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