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Our Latest Video

Anatomy of A Fall

Anatomy of a Fall is a court drama that makes an art out of ambiguity. It relies on Sandra Huller’s performance and a documentary style of filming to expertly deliver the tension and family drama surrounding this murder trial. A truly compelling story that doesn’t let go until the very end highlighting the complicated family life with the added pressure of a failed writer, competition between the parents and a child that has lost his childhood to no fault of his own.

Latest Blog Post

3 Body Problem - Netflix Gamble on High Sci-Fi

Netflix's ambitious venture into adapting _The Three-Body Problem_ a sprawling science fiction narrative with complex characters, numerous time jumps and intellectually stimulating discussions, represents a significant gamble. With an investment of $160 million, showrunners with a, let say ‘controversial’ track record, and the daunting task of bringing to life a book renowned for its adaptational challenges, one must ask: Has Netflix indeed taken a misstep?


About Us

Alex & Basil

Film buffs Alex and Basil met in hospitality before bonding over their shared cinephile passions. During lively weekly discussions on society, human nature, and more, they realised their insights were too compelling to keep private. So they launched a Youtube channel to critique and recommend their favorite films. Alex gets lost in movie magic, while introspective Basil relates to complex themes. Together they complement each other's perspectives, teasing out nuances and debating directorial choices. Their reviews spotlight favourites, hidden gems, and new releases that capture the essence of great filmmaking.

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