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TV Series Review: The Continental (2023)

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

Kelaru rating: ★★★★

Available on Prime Video | Episodes seen: 3 out of 3


Having recently seen John Wick Chapter 4, I was delighted to see that the 3 part prequel series was also airing its 3rd and final episode on Prime Video.

Much like its cinematic counterparts, the series delivers slick and stylish action paired with an engrossing criminal underworld.

Set in 1975 New York City, The Continental focuses on a young Winston Scott (Colin Woodell) as he maneuvers his way up the ranks of the criminal organization run by the Machiavellian Connor O'Connor (Mel Gibson) from within The Continental hotel. We follow Winston as he gets pulled out of his exquisite high-class life in London into the filthy, violent streets of New York under the expanding shadow of The Continental and the mysterious High Table.

Of course, this being the brutal world of John Wick, Winston must use all means necessary to climb the criminal ladder. The fight scenes are ferocious, masterfully choreographed and shot for maximum impact. But contrary to the films, there is more substance here, more attention being paid to the characters, their motivations and purpose. The character arcs are rich and probably could have extended over 8 episodes with the exploration of new characters introduced over the first 3 episodes. Maybe that’s to come in series 2, which although hasn't been confirmed, the director has hinted at what could come next.

The production values here are also respectable. The cinematography and sets go hand-in-hand with the cutting dialogue and remind more of a series based on a gritty graphic novel, which is a very good thing.

For fans of John Wick, this prequel provides a satisfying exploration into the origins of The Continental while confidently opening doors to fresh new storylines and a stylistic approach that can break away from under the John Wick shadow with further development. A very good watch on its own or as a strong companion to the films.



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