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Film Review: Dune Part One (2021)

Kelaru & Fulton rating: ★★★★★

Available on Prime Video | Runtime: 2 hrs 35 mins


As we eagerly await the delayed release of Dune: Part Two until March 2024 (originally slated for November 2023), I couldn't resist putting my thoughts down on paper about what has lingered in my mind since experiencing the first instalment.

Directed by the visionary Denis Villeneuve (Blade Runner 2049, Arrival, Sicario, Enemy), this adaptation of Frank Herbert's monumental novel bears the hallmarks of a true cult classic in the making, with production values that are nothing short of breathtaking.

But it’s not just the visuals that make this a feast for the eyes. The ensemble cast contributes to the film’s undeniable charm. Chalamet, in particular, embodies the conflicted hero, Paul Atreides, with a depth and vulnerability that will make viewers quick to relate and care for the character. Ferguson's portrayal of Lady Jessica is hauntingly powerful, while Oscar Isaac exudes charisma as Duke Leto Atreides.

The story is epic in scope, weaving a complex narrative of politics, religion and destiny on a cosmic canvas. In the shadow of Paul’s central narrative lays a reflection on resource exploitation, environmentalism, and the clash of cultures, all relevant and poignant in our own time.

What has remained etched in my memory over the past two years, since the release of Part One, is the remarkable world-building and the meticulous craftsmanship behind it. The unwavering commitment of the production team to crafting the technology, political intricacies, and societal foundations of this universe is nothing short of impressive. The convergence of visual effects, sound design, and Hans Zimmer's score culminates in an immersive experience that seamlessly transports you to the vast deserts of Arrakis.

The latest trailer we've had of Dune Part Two assures us that the unwavering dedication to this epic sci-fi saga endures. When it comes to grandiose sci-fi adventures, this is near the pinnacle and we can’t ask for anything less.

March 2024 can’t come soon enough!

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